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Athletics Department

New London Public Schools students and families.

I hope this finds you well. My name is Phil Orbe and I am the Athletic Director for New London Public Schools. Our athletic program teaches sound citizenship through the practice of good sportsmanship, the development of desirable social traits including emotional control, honesty, cooperation, dependability, and the encouragement of respect toward other athletes and their abilities.

New London High School takes pride in providing opportunities for all student athletes through the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) sponsored activities. Interscholastic athletics is historically a significant part of the total educational program. They offer opportunity for students to be a part of a team, to serve their school, to enjoy fellowship, and to develop intellectually, physically and emotionally.

We believe that New London High School Athletics provide a unifying influence within our student body and between our school and community. The New London High School Whaler athletic family will endeavor to provide each participant with positive experiences that will help them develop their own philosophy toward commitment, responsibility, and loyalty which will guide them for post-school competition in society. We believe that the will to win is a natural human trait and entirely desirable, but this urge whether individual or collective, is not to be attained at the price of unfair advantage or gained through violation of established rules and principles. The desire to win is important but will never outweigh the welfare of the athlete and will be kept in perspective towards the balance of what is good for the team and the individual.

If athletics are to be sponsored by the educational system, then athletics must be educative. The educative process must continue into the realm of responsibility. We cannot escape the thought that responsibility lies with all of us. Responsibility is a big part of athletics at New London High School. Responsibility to one’s team, self and family is the most important aspects of education within our athletic department.

Those interested in participating in athletics either at Bennie Dover Jackson Multi-Magnet School campus or New London Multi-Magnet campus should be aware of the following:

Please visit the BDJMMMSC and the NLSMMC athletic pages for further detailed information.

Lastly, I am available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Be well,

Phil Orbe
Director of Athletics

  • Registration for fall sports at Bennie Dover Jackson (cross country, soccer) and New London High School (cheerleading, cross country, football, girls swimming, soccer, volleyball)  is now open. Don’t’ wait too late, the fall sports season will be here before you know it.
  • Students attending the Marine Science Magnet in Groton and Three Rivers Middle College in Norwich are eligible to participate in athletics at NLHS. Students going to other magnet or private schools are not eligible.
  • A directory of coaches by season is located in the righthand column of this page.
  • Each prospective student-athlete is required to register for their desired sport. Student-athletes are not allowed to begin practice without having the following on file with the athletic director. This sign offs can be found via the FamilyID link above.
    • Sports Participation Health Record (physical) – good for 13 months. Please email a copy to
    • Parent Permission & Emergency Medical Form & Athletic Responsibility Acknowledgment
    • Concussion Consent Form for Parents/Athletes
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Consent Form for Parents/Athletes


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Philip Orbe

Director of Athletics, Health & PE
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